We would like to introduce Katie Head, project administrator for our Special Works division. Katie joined the team three years ago and ensures that the information flow process is very carefully controlled and happens on time. This includes drawings, specifications, samples, letters, meeting minutes, and electronic information. Katie works closely with all individuals on site, from the client team to our subcontractors’ operatives, keeping everyone up to date on all relevant and current issues.

A project that stands out for Katie is 27 Farm Street in Mayfair. This project comprised the alteration and refurbishment of an existing building to create our client’s new headquarters. She is particularly proud of the whole Special Works team for achieving their highest Considerate Constructors Scheme score on this project and organising a successful charity event. Katie enjoys Knight Harwood’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere and her team’s supportive nature, thriving on the varying projects that the Special Works division undertakes.

As a project administrator, Katie is an expert at multi-tasking, juggling several projects at once based both in the office and on site. At any one time, she may well be involved setting up one project, in the middle of another and tying up yet another project. Recently, Katie has been involved in the Special Works project refurbishing the internal and external areas of Westminster Chapel, a beautiful and historically-significant building. She is enjoying this project’s unique nature and watching the improvements take place throughout the refurbishment.

During her time off, Katie enjoys various sports and taking part in various new challenges. She is proud to have completed a marathon, taken part in White Collar Boxing, and is currently training for her first triathlon!

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