Health, safety & wellbeing

At Knight Harwood, the physical and mental wellbeing of all employees and operatives is our number one priority. We meaningfully engage with and monitor our approved supply chain whilst ensuring operative participation using numerous site tools. These include feedback meetings, daily hazard boards, ‘You Said, We Did’ boards, suggestion boxes, and health and safety leagues on every project.


Throughout the year, we organise various events (often linked to our charitable activities) to encourage physical workouts. These include running, cycling, walking, fishing, football, softball and golfing activities.

Since the majority of our projects are in central London and often our consultants and clients’ offices are in the London vicinity, we encourage all staff to walk or cycle as much as possible between our projects, our headquarters in the West End, and other meetings they attend throughout the capital, rather than travelling by tube or taxi.

Occupational therapists visit our sites on a semi-regular basis to carry out basic health checks for our employees and site operatives.


Our well-established health, safety and environmental management systems are externally audited three times per year by The British Standards Institute (BSI). We are very proud to have achieved ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety) certification for our integrated management systems.

Our chartered in-house health and safety managers monitor all workplaces on a regular basis to ensure the highest possible standards of safety management are achieved. This has contributed to our current reportable accident incident rate (AIR) of zero.


Within Knight Harwood, we have a growing number of mental health first aiders, spanning across all disciplines and at all levels of seniority. Their role is to raise awareness and act as points of contact for those who may wish to talk confidentially about their challenges with mental health and to advise on next steps in obtaining professional support.

To encourage communication, openness and a sense of community spirit across the company, regular social events are organised. This is something that we are proud of and is popular with those who are keen to meet and socialise with others in a more relaxed environment, including younger staff, those living by themselves and those who have young children at home.

Our certification

Our Integrated Health, Safety and Environmental Management System is externally audited three times a year by The British Standards Institution (BSI). We are very proud to be ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) certified.