John Paul Latham has recently joined Knight Harwood as a Construction Manager on our Royal Academy of Arts project. We asked him about his first impressions of the company.

How did you find the Knight Harwood Induction process? 

The induction process with KH was a great chance to see the large variety of projects we work on (I managed to visit 4 projects and get nearly 30,000 steps in!) and meet new faces that I would later be working and socialising with. All in all, it’s a great initiative that made me feel part of the larger Knight Harwood team.

What is your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part of my job is the pride of seeing amazing progress during construction and learning about new construction technologies.

How have you found this role compared to your previous role? 

We have really exciting projects here at Knight Harwood, and I love the pace of the projects in comparison with my last larger organisation. I find the staff at Knight Harwood are dynamic and ambitious, which suits my style of management and mindset. 

The Knight Harwood ethos – your thoughts on it! 

I like the attitude of work hard and play hard – it’s great that there are group events here which are fun (if not gruelling – F45 gym class!) to take part in. I also really like the level of design detail I get involved in my role and working on heritage refurbishments.

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